Km 0 is the name for produce from what is called “short supply chain”, which means it comes from production areas located maximum 70 km from the area of consumption. The main characteristics are quality (checked and accredited), seasonality and the relationship with the territory’s farming and cooking tradition. This allows for a varied menu, depending on the day’s picking, in accordance with the cycle of seasons, with an ethical value and respect for our land.

Eating in a “0 km restaurant” makes for a great opportunity to re-discover typical food and dishes, while supporting local agriculture and thus creating efficient synergy.

Our KM 0 partners

Pieve di Santa Luce
Our pasta
Carni Mattone due
Our meat
Our beer
Salumi i toscanacci
Our cured meats
Vini Gaslini Alberti Badia di Morrona
Our wines
La Via dell'Orto frutta
Our fruits
Vini Bocelli
Our wines
Chef's idea marmellate
Our preserves
Tenuta di Ghizzano vini
Our wines
Liquorificio Morelli
Our liquors
Panificio Campani Piero
Our bread
Azienda agricola Castelvecchio vini
Our wines
Cooperativa il Cammino verdure
Our vegetables
Pasqualetti viticoltori vini
Our wines
Vini podere La Chiesa Terricciola
Our wines