Congusto Social Eating is a restaurant, but beyond that it’s a dining concept, which combines the pursuit of customer satisfaction with a social and ethical project, centred on people and on our territory. Our real purpose is to offer a varied and interesting proposals to the palate, in compliance with our guidelines, so essential for us, such as produce seasonality, short supply chain and social rescue opportunity. We invite you to come and visit us to re-discover wholesome and traditional flavours, topped with a good dose of humanity.

The Congusto Social Eating restaurant opened its doors in Peccioli, on June 30th 2017. It’s managed by the Il Cammino cooperative, a type A and B social cooperative headquartered in Lavaiano. The co-op has always been involved in people care, following individuals through their life journey, putting support and hospitality at the heart of its mission, trying to set these values as goals in every service carried out.

As an answer to the needs of our territory, the co-op created social and employment re-integration projects for young people leaving its facilities, and this kind of activity brought the idea of buying lands to use for a social farming project, thus facilitating therapeutic re-integration of disadvantaged people and, at the same time, producing goods. This choice lead to the decision of opening a km 0 restaurants, where we can use our gardens’ produce.